In the year of 2016 , Cengiz Düzgören, has brought the organization „Wing Tzun Reflex Defense Systems“ into being, in order to give interested trainers and Wing Tzun schools the possibility to join him and his martial arts school.

The slogan is: Modern martial arts based on the tradition. But first of all, fairness within the organization and members.

The martial art Wing Tzun is the most effective and most successful system for self-defence without any doubt which was ever created. Of course you cannot forget that today’s age differ from the time, in which the classic chinese martial arts Wing Tzun was found.

The dangers which come from a today’s attack have basically changed compared to back then, and accordingly so have also the requirements of an effective self-defense. The WING TZUN REFLEX DEFENSE SYSTEM focuses  to gain the ideal result from the training session, regarding fitness as well as self-defense.

It often happens that students make the experience regarding Wing Tzun Kung Fu that too much money is required for programs, seminars, and exams without any visible advantage or profit. The consequence is dissatisfaction up to the purpose of the training. This type of training sullenness regarding too much costs needs to have finally an end!

In tis matter, Dai Sifu Cengiz Düzgören, creates new ways not only to optimize the training as effective as possible, but also to improve the cost-benefit-factor for the students. Placing importance on the quality of the learned practices, so that the satisfaction of the students

Take central stage during the training.

The ultimate goal are long-term satisfied students!

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