Free retraining to WING TZUN REFLEX DEFENSE SYSTEM trainer.

We offer Wing Tzun Kung Fu trainer and school leader of different schools, organizations the opportunity of a free retraining, which enables them to be part of our Wing Tzun training program in a short time.

  • Are you not satisfied with the cost / fee structure of your Wing Tzun organization?
  • Do you wish for an effective training program with less and affordable exams, lessons, and courses?
  • Would you like to develop yourself to a wing tzun trainer and improve your Wing Tzun skills?
  • You are already a well advanced Wing Tzun student, but you would like to be a trainer one day? Maybe even open your own shool?

If you answered one of more of these questions with “yes”, you can ask us without any commitment and we will be happy to give you advices for you and your  further education.

Our training program has the concept so both trainer and students are satisfied and having fun.  The focus of our organization lies on a successful guidance of a wing tzun school. This includes a continuing efficiency of the training methods as well as a fair cost structure which satisfies both sides.

Furthermore we offer support in marketing relevant questions.

We are convinced that our approved approach will help you to lead your school successfully or even found a new school.

The new perspective of Wing Tzun on your training will help you to push your further success!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and would love to welcome you as a future-trainer.

Dai Sifu Cengiz Düzgören